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Enhancing Productivity and Driving Sales for Automobile Ancillaries

Sugam connects manufacturing units and dealers across the country to ensure smoother operations

Driving the industry with our logistics services

Connecting ancillaries, manufacturers and distributors everywhere

As products, technology and processes become more developed in the fast-growing Indian auto industry, the need for more robust logistics support becomes paramount. Sugam Group, with its widespread footprint across India and in the SAARC region (covering the Indo-Nepal transport network, Bhutan, and Bangladesh), and state-of-the-art infrastructure, is well-equipped to support the requirement of automobile manufacturers for supply chain needs.

  • Services for supply of parts and finished vehicles
  • Faster and accurate deliveries of your shipment
  • Global footprint with multi-modal services
  • Extensive infrastructure and technology to reduce transit times
  • Reduced inventory levels with time-bound deliveries
sugam best logistic for automototive

How We Can Help?

Comprehensive Supply Chain

Inbound and outbound logistics services to connect ancillaries, manufacturers, dealers and service centres

One-stop Solution

Multi-modal shipping, warehousing and documentation solutions for exports and border transport.

On-time Deliveries

GPS-enabled fleet for real time tracking and timely delivery of your shipments.

Easy Clearances

Complete assistance to help you with documentation for border transport within and outside India and in the SAARC region.

Trade Facilitation

Business promotion set-ups for your consignors and consignees

how are we different?

Traditional Freight
  • Inadequate warehousing and transport infrastructure
  • Mandatory load quota fulfilment
  • Delayed shipments and delivery
  • Multiple entities for logistics
Freight with Sugam Group
  • Dedicated fleet and warehousing facility
  • Small and large lot deliveries
  • On-time delivery with digitized
  • Supply Chain Network Covers all Stakeholders

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