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Frequently Asked Questions

To avail the end-to-end supply chain and logistics solutions of the Sugam Group, you can contact us by filling the contact form on our website or calling our customer service desk at +91-8800224039

Yes, you can also ship small packages through Sugam. We provide flexible volume load shipping to clients across the length and breadth of India and in the SAARC region.

Some of the key industries where we service clients include FMCG, automobiles, packaging, pharmaceutical and medical equipment, infrastructure and engineering, power telecom, publishing, apparel and lifestyle, among others.

At the time of booking your shipment, you will be provided a Unique Reference Number from Sugam which you can use to track your shipment in real time through our website or the Sugam App.

The Sugam Group provides multi-modal shipping options to clients which involves a combination of surface, air, and sea modes for the fastest delivery. Depending on the client’s requirements, our team will suggest if you need to send your shipment via multi-modal transport.

Depending on the requirement of the client and the destination of the shipment, you can avail the Express shipping solution from Sugam for single-day delivery of your shipment.

Yes. The Sugam Group boasts of widespread network presence not just in India but also in the SAARC region. Sugam has a well-established network in Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh and also facilitates trade setups for clients in these countries. Sugam is the No.1 in Indo-Nepal transport, Bhutan logistics and Bangladesh logistics.

You can pre-package your shipment before you engage with Sugam for logistics services or you can also avail the packaging solutions from Sugam under a single window where the Sugam team will handle the secure packaging, warehousing and transport of your cargo. 

Each country has its own set of documentation to be processed for international trade and shipment. With Sugam, you can avail the advantage of single window service for customs clearance and regulatory document compliance. Our team will direct you at all stages on the required paperwork for Indo-Nepal logistics and all other international trade and also help process them for a seamless logistics experience.

Yes. Under the single-window logistics solutions from Sugam, clients may avail services for transport, warehousing, inventory management, cross-docking, packaging and invoicing, as well as collection of payments.

Yes. Sugam Group specializes in shipping cargo to the far reaches of North-East India through the rail and land network. Clients can also avail multi-modal services for cargo shipment to various locations in North-East India.

No. When you engage with Sugam, the leaders in India-Nepal transport, you can avail single window customs clearance service as well. Sugam Group is an authorized CHA of Nepal and will help you with all documentation for customs and exports and imports in Nepal.