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Sugam Culture

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Sugam employees have a world of opportunity available to them when it comes to furthering their career in the logistics industry. A transparent work environment and equal growth opportunities go hand-in-hand with the Group’s commitment to investing in the upgrade of skills of employees through a combination of on- and off-ground training.

Benefits Of Working With Sugam

The Sugam job experience involves job rotation between the various departments and job locations so employees can gain hands-on experience and find the best fit for them to develop their potential and maximize their productivity to chart a course for professional and personal growth.

Future With Sugam

The value system and ethics of the Sugam Group based in trust, transparency and teamwork define the work culture at the Group companies. With a vision to improve the quality of life of its many employees who form the Sugam family, we pride ourselves on maintaining an enriched work environment where employees find ample opportunity for professional and personal growth.

Valuing fresh talent to rise within the Group and take on leadership positions is a hallmark of the Group’s commitment to attract, develop, and retain a superlative pool of employees who will leave their mark in the logistics sector and contribute to the growth of the Group as well as that of their own

Employee Speak

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