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From its inception, Sugam Group has been conscious of making an effort towards improving the lives of the underprivileged which has been a part of the mission and vision statement of the Group as well. With a firm commitment towards making a difference in society and in the environment, Sugam Group is actively involved in CSR in the fields of education, healthcare, and disaster relief, among others.

csr education


The Group has been engaged in the furtherance of primary and secondary education for young children across the country. The Group has also actively promoted the cause of ancient Hindu Puranic and Vedic studies.
social welfare by sugam group

Social Welfare

Sugam Group has been involved in uplifting the situation of the underprivileged, the deprived and the differently abled in society by providing monetary and non-monetary support.
health checkup


The Group has made significant contributions over the decades towards the eradication of epidemics and for providing health care for women and children, especially for those from the underprivileged communities.
skill development

Skill Development

By contributing towards developing arts and crafts and other affiliated skills among rural women, the Sugam Group has also undertaken CSR initiatives to strengthen their communities.
forest conservation


Sugam Group is committed towards a cleaner and greener environment for the benefit of all stakeholders, as evidenced by the Group’s commitment to make all Group companies paperless. Under CSR initiatives, the Group has made proactive contributions towards forest conservations and tree plantations.
disaster relief

Disaster Relief

Sugam Group has led from the front in providing proactive support to village rehabilitation projects in disaster-hit areas, supplying emergency relief items to areas affected by earthquake, floods and landslides in India as well as in SAARC countries. In 2015, in the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake, the Group also undertook disaster relief measures to the remotest areas of the country to assist the Government of India, the Government of Nepal and the Nepalese Army in village rehabilitation projects and to provide emergency supply of essential relief items.