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5 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing An India To Nepal Transport Service Provider

5 Key Factors To Consider When Choosing An India To Nepal Transport Service Provider

India and Nepal being border countries with bilateral trade between the two countries standing at a whopping USD 6.82 billion (2017-18), the demand for reliable logistics services has increased. But when it comes to finding a reliable logistics partner, especially when the origin and destination of the shipment are in two different countries, one must tread with caution. Due diligence about a potential logistics partner is an essential step in ensuring the success of your entire business strategy. Here are some of the key factors to consider when choosing an India to Nepal transport service and logistics partner:

  • Infrastructure and Credentials the Transport Company has in Nepal and Border Areas

The right logistics service partner for you would be an established player in the region that you seek to transport your packages to. Since in the case of India and Nepal Transport, the transit is cross-border, it would be helpful to have a logistics partner who is familiar with the custom regulations and security protocol of the two nations and can provide fast track export documentation, which in turn will do away with any delays in the transit. Faster processing of documentation will also prevent cash and interest loss for your business when filing claims for taxes/export benefits.

  • Capability of Servicing your Requirements

Any logistics vendor that you choose should be adept to take on the load of your services for India to Nepal goods transport. They would have the requisite resources and expertise to manage both long-term and short-term transportation logistics in an integrated manner. Transporters providing single-window solutions to warehousing, processing, transportation, documentation, and outbound distribution facilitate end-to-end logistics management with greater ease for their clients. Additionally, look for how the service provider for Nepal shipping integrates the different touch points of the supply and distribution chain your company’s organization’s processes and functions to enable smoother transactions.

Capability of Servicing your Requirements
  • Experience of the Company in Servicing Indo-Nepal Freight

Past experience of a potential logistics partner for shipping cargo to Nepal from India will significantly determine how well they are able to service your business requirements. An experienced logistics service provider, for instance, will have the necessary know-how to resolve problems concerning warehousing, cross-border documentation, cargo rerouting, etc. and will help you avoid them right from the start.

  • Great Record at Customer service

Proactive customer service is what distinguishes a reliable logistics partner from others. Look into whether a potential service provider has a good track record at client satisfaction, how they approach and revolve client concerns, whether they follow industry best practices, and if they have a dedicated team for customer service.

  • Ability to Ensure Damage-free and Timely Delivery

There is nothing more disconcerting than not knowing the status of your package and getting damaged and delayed shipments. Through the use of latest technology such as GPS, nowadays, leading logistics providers are able to track in real time the status of the packages in transit for export to Nepal. When choosing a logistics partner, review their past performance and check whether their shipment process follows the necessary safety protocols along with proper freight management.

Many businesses overlook the abovementioned criteria when selecting a logistics transport provider, which can impede the success of their ventures. Rather than cutting corners or looking for cheaper solutions, choose quality and reliability. Adhere to the abovementioned factors when choosing an India-to-Nepal logistics service provider so that you can partner with the best for your business requirements.